Precision Pilates and Yoga Vida and Natural Movement

I believe in both the pure practice of Pilates and the liberation of yoga and the incorporation of natural movement and nature. My classes are about form and breath and function and fun. By emphasizing form, paying attention and using our breath, we can improve strength, and stay within our body’s needs to maximize healthy development.

Summer Update

Contact Lori at for small group classes Monday evenings throughout the summer at 7 and 8 pm.

NEW... at Metta Movement Studio Tuesdays 6-715pm

For classes at Old Ottawa South Thursday evenings  please follow this link.

Upcoming retreats

Ripon, Quebec

   2019 Oct 4,5,6 FULL  booking for March 7,8,9 2020


2019 Oct 26th thru Nov 2nd  ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT

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Lori Meyers
Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Lori is passionate about teaching which has been evident since her days as a swim instructor and coach. Pilates and Yoga are her focus now and have been for the last 20 years. She both actively practices and teaches in both disciplines.

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