I attended the fall version and it was really wonderful. Each class had something new and fun to try, always in Lori's lovely and encouraging manner of teaching. Very charming accommodations and hosts at the retreat and the food was delicious! I also treated myself to a massage. I highly recommend the whole experience!

Catherine ,

Lori has been involved with the Statistics Canada Fitness Centre for more than 15 years, teaching Pilates, back care and yoga classes. Through her expertise and dedication she has inspired employees by the example she sets; embracing an active lifestyle and sharing her optimism and passion for life. Some words that come to mind when I think of Lori are: positive, energetic, caring, inclusive, fun, encouraging and diplomatic, just to name a few. She has made a tremendous difference in other people’s lives and I am privileged to have her on my team of instructors.

Lydia Butler, Director, Statistics Canada Fitness Centre

I started Pilates with Lori about 3 years ago with a chronic sport injury.  I couldn’t even kneel but after several months, I could easily do that and could see the progress in my flexibility and strength. Lori’s awareness of each of her client’s capabilities and her amazing knowledge of anatomy and kinetics has helped me extend my exercise capacity in summer and winter!

Barb Morris,

Having pursued Pilates over a number of years, I was so pleased to find Lori. Her warmth, passion, expert knowledge and ability to make practice fun, have made the classes a joy. I also appreciate her awareness of the challenges working with an older body can present, as well as her suggestions for alternative positions. Lori has helped keep my back in working order.

Marie Palmer,